Data Security Solutions

Are you concerned about IT Security Risks?

The top questions to answer are:
(1) Where are my weaknesses?
(2) How do I correct and turn my weaknesses into strengths?
(3) When do I need to review and update my security processes and procedures?

Lyki Basics IT Solutions provides a wide range of professional services and technology tools and products to provide your organization with both a proactive and reactive barrier to security threats. From assessments to remediation and penetration testing, we have the flexibility to custom-tailor an engagement to meet your specific business requirements, technical specifications and budgetary constraints.

Protecting your business-critical assets and information is now a Board-Level priority for businesses of all sizes.

At Lyki Basics we audit, design and implement information security solutions in the areas of IP networking, firewalls, high availability, vulnerability assessment, security policy development, encryption, remote access, intrusion detection and prevention, content filtering, authentication, anti-virus and anti-spam. We have secured the networks of many organizations including companies with complex multi-site networks, government agencies and small businesses.

No matter what the size of your network, our products and services are tailored around your organization’s needs.

  • Find the vulnerabilities before the bad guys do
  • Last year’s technologies quickly become this year’s weaknesses
  • Start finding your true risks with Security Assessments
  • Don’t ignore it….fix it before it is exploited to your disadvantage
  • Most businesses have a false sense of security, a firewall is no longer enough!

The adage of “if you don’t find it first, you lose” applies to Information Technology (IT) security and compliance as much as it does in treasure hunting.  Bad guys have become very sophisticated, and are out there trying to take it from you 24×7.  If you don’t find the weak spots in your perimeter, the bad guys will, and the treasure you’ve accumulated, whether its trade secrets, customer information, credit card data, consumer data, healthcare data, business processes, or hard-earned profits will be lost, and may result in business-killing lawsuits.

Secure IT environments rely heavily on a risk based security lifecycle, which starts with broad security assessments, vulnerability testing, then remediation, implementation, documentation, and further testing.  The lifecycle then continues.

Data Security Solutions
Internal IT staff often lack the time and/or lack the expertise to continuously monitor the new ways the opposition is looking to exploit weaknesses and to gain access to your corporate systems.  Traditional IT approaches involved simple defenses such as patching, anti-virus, and a firewall, which is no longer enough in today’s evolving threat landscape.  Whether it is external or internal threats, Lyki Basics’s IT professionals can work with your team to identify weak points in your organization, design and implement the solutions, and test their effectiveness, as part of an overall security strategy.

The crystal ball can become clearer by understanding the complexity of information systems, increased risks, and the need for compliance of information systems and their relationship to enterprise success.

Organization of Information Security
Information security organization, information security program compliance

Security Policies, Standards and Procedures  
Security policy and procedures, 3rd party providers and subcontractors

Compliance and Risk Management
Compliance with financial, regulatory, government and industry regulations, risk assessment of external and internal vulnerabilities

Human Resources Security
Human resources security, screening, information security awareness, termination policies and procedures

Operations Management
Operating systems management, asset management, change management, anti-virus, backups, waste and media disposal

Facilities and Physical Management
Facility management, facility access controls

Security Incident and Threat Management
Incident response, monitoring and detection, patching   Network Architecture Network controls, data network configuration, firewalls, wireless networking, mobile device security.

System Security
Access control administration, user accounts, password management, reconciliation of accounts, remote access, encryption and key management

Application and Database Maintenance
Application development, application security architecture, deployment processes and policies, application controls, code reviews, production system access

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning
Business continuity and disaster recovery contracts, locations, planning and testing, documentation

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